Freelance ITSM Consultant experienced with Ivanti Neurons, Ivanti Service Manager, HEAT ITSM

Freelance ITSM/ITAM Consulting


Service desk CONSULTING SINCE 1996

Senior Developer Consultant Architect Freelancer 
28+ years Ivanti HEAT Neurons ITSM & ITAM experience
100+ Ivanti Neurons for ITSM/ITAM implementations worldwide

What is your approach?


Consultative, pro-active, holistic approach, agile, hands-on, strategic, structures, focused on business requirements, and most importantly, results-driven! 


what Is Your Background?


I have been developing and consulting since 1996, employed by (in the early years) and sub-contracted for Frontrange Business Partners and sub-contracted for Ivanti Business Partners, going back to HEAT for DOS days, long before the ITSM/ITAM standards emerged and such applications were referred to as Call Centre (Service Desk) solutions. 


I have implemented 100+ ITSM/ITAM/ESM/CRM/Call Centre/Service Desk Solutions, with products such as but not limited to Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, Ivanti Service Manager, Ivanti Asset Manager, Saleslogix CRM, and of course HEAT ITSM.  Plus I have some ServiceNow, Remedy, Sage CRM experience.  Plus integration, ETL, Data Transformation experience with SAP, Sage, JDE, PWC, Microsoft Dynamics, SCCM, End Point Manager (EPM), and other enterprise and financial systems, including private Swiss Banks while living in Zurich.  


Clientele includes Fortune 500 and Global 500 enterprise clients, Ivanti Business Partners, in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, and the USA.


DISCLAIMER: Not endorsed by, affiliated with, or sponsored by Ivanti, ServiceNow, Remedy, Infor, or Sage.  Any use of the software product names or titles "Ivanti Consultant" and "Ivanti Developer" is descriptive of the fact that I have experience with the above-mentioned ITSM and CRM products.  I have never been employed by Ivanti.  I have been a freelance consultant since 2005 and sub-contracted for several Ivanti Business Partners, worldwide, however nowadays I typically work with clients directly who seek out a freelancer.


What sets you apart from other Service Providers?

I am an independent freelance consultant and don't have the overhead, or red tape, and don't offer cookie-cutter services.  I have a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves, no-fluff pro-active, structured yet holistic proven approach and tailor my implementation packages to your ITSM project needs. 


How can you quote 28+ years of Ivanti experience when Ivanti was founded in 2017?  Ivanti Neurons for ITSM is powered by HEAT which was acquired by Ivanti in 2017 and was rebranded as Ivanti Service Manager and later Ivanti Neurons.  I have been consulting with the HEAT Service Desk and ITSM products since 1996.


What is the difference between an Ivanti Developer, Ivanti Consultant, and Ivanti Freelancer?


Developers are coders and typically focus on software development, coding, and configuration. Whereas Consultants may be functional, technical, or both, bringing years of industry experience to the table and using their knowledge & experience to advise management in areas such as but not limited to SOPs, standard industry practices, workflows, and business processes.


The term Ivanti Consultant, and Ivanti Developer is often used to indicate experience, and skill set with Ivanti's products and does not indicate employment by Ivanti.   Ivanti Freelancers are independent consultants and developers, and often referred to as Ivanti Consultants/Developers however they are NOT employed by Ivanti or Ivanti Business Partners.


IMHO nowadays most "consultants" are really "developers" with just a few years of experience, with a hefty daily "consulting" rate.


ITSM products are "configurable" however ITSM Tools have come a long way and you do tend to require someone with Development AND Consulting PLUS Business experience to advise and guide you to make informed configuration, architectural, business, functional, and technical decisions. 


And by experience, I don't mean a few years and a few implementations...


I have to chuckle and smile when someone boasts that they have 5 years of experience and 5 ITSM Implementations under their belt.  I've got 27+ years and 100+ ITSM implementations.


What is the typical timeframe of an ITSM Implementation?


ITSM Implementations vary based on business requirements.  There is no quick silver bullet or cookie-cutter Scope of Work.   It's all in the details and depends on many factors.   Best to engage me for a quick "Discovery Session" and I'll be able to gauge the effort.   Here are some examples of ITSM Contract Packages



What timezones do you support?

We support the Eastern US/Canadian, European, and Australian Time Zones.


What is HEAT, Frontrange, and Cherwell?

HEAT (Helpdesk Expert Automation Tool) is the predecessor of the Frontrange HEAT ITSM product line and was acquired by Ivanti and renamed from HEAT Service Manager to Ivanti Service Manager and later renamed again to Ivanti Neurons for branding purposes.   You'll still see references such as "powered by HEAT" and quite a few organizations keep using the term HEAT and Ivanti Neurons and Ivanti Service Manager.  Cherwell is a spin-off from Frontrange HEAT ITSM that was recently acquired by Ivanti.


What is the best way to start the process?

I offer a FREE Discovery Session. The purpose of this call is to set the wheels in motion, get to know one another, and establish the who, where, what, when, and why of your ITSM Project needs.


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