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Best Practices & Latest Solutions, Project Management, Requirements Gathering, Proof of Concept, Configuration, Development, Consulting, Prototypes, 
User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Ivanti Self Service Portal, Integrations, ITIL, Ivanti Service Manager ITSM, Ivanti Asset Manager ITAM

Lead by Senior Architect/Developer/Consultant/Freelancer with 27+ years experience and 100+ Ivanti HEAT ITSM implementations worldwide

Ivanti Neurons, Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT ITSM), and Ivanti ITAM Implementations vary based on business requirements. There is no quick silver bullet or cookie-cutter Scope of Work, that works.


Based on 25+ years of Ivanti HEAT ITSM, and now Ivanti Neurons consulting experience, worldwide, the following Ivanti Implementation Packages have been designed to give you a direction and starting point but come with the caveat that a free no-obligation Discovery Session is needed to tailor an Implementation package to your business requirements.

Ivanti Implementation Packages

Starter Package | 19 Days


This package is designed for organizations newly implementing Ivanti Neurons for ITSM/ITAM, wanting to fine-tune their system, streamline existing processes, build simple integrations, or requiring basic configurations changes for fundamental ITIL processes.



Critical Path Package | 50 Days


An extension to the starter package, for organizations wanting to take their Ivanti Neurons for ITSM/ITAM Implementation to the next level with advanced configurations and processes, complex integrations, and in-depth configuration of fundamental ITIL processes.


For example one of the following: Procurement, Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management, Change Requests, HR Onboarding/Off Boarding.



Ultimate Success Package | 100 Days


For those organizations serious about leveraging their Ivanti Neurons for ITSM/ITAM implementation to the max and taking their Ivanti Implementation to the highest level, with in-depth configurations, in-depth processes, in-depth automations, workflows, and several complex integrations.

For example one or more of the following: Procurement, Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management, Change Requests, HR Onboarding/Off Boarding, Shift-Left Optimization, Self-Service Automation, in-depth Service Request Catalog

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